Sunday, February 15, 2009

Golden Wither



Dried Grass

Listening to "Rocket" by Yuna

Last Friday, my sis picked me up from work and I asked her to stop by the University field.

Lately, it has been a very dry season. Sangat-sangat panas dan kering.

The field was golden brown and only some part remain green (somewhere near a sprinkler).

So, I got out of the car, down to the field. Bent over for some shots. Up another hill when I spotted this lonely dead tree.

See the spiky dried grass? Gosh! Right then I wish I had a model that will lay there and maybe a few shots with the tree.

I imagined the model positioned on the right branch making quirky poses. Too bad, the images only stayed in my head.

Enjoy the photos.. I need to get back to finishing up on my project.

P/S: Zahidah Zainal! Model tak berbayar saya! Dimana kamu ketika saya perlukan servis kamu.. hahha!

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