Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tipah and Saerah

Listening to "Handpocket" by Best Friends Forever

One word.. Insane.

Those photos above are a remake of Tegan and Sara's Chair Photoshoot. I surprised myself with the result.

Pretty sick background huh? RM 12 semeter kot.. hahaha!

Obviously me being Tegan and my sister posing as Sara. It was not an easy remake, trust me.

Thanks to my mom for holding on the reflector. Haha. Lack of crew. Which also explain why I couldn't capture both of us in the same frame.

Idea and concept by moi, Liyana. I love T&S too much!!

P/S: I do have Tegan's hairstyle! Shocker huh? I don't think so.. haha

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