Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fuh! Fuh!


Listening to "It's Good to be In Love" by Frou Frou

A week of delay. Lots to catch up and share.

KL trip was fun. Ramai yang eager nak tengok gambar outing, but it won't be published till next week. Maybe. I'm working on something new with the hundreds of photos. 50% in completion.

Next is the review on "Everything is Illuminated". One word, Disappointing.
A good movie, but it just doesn't match my expectation after reading the reviews on that movie.

Anyway, it's just my personal review.

Moving on. New tunes! Imogen Heap , Frou Frou. The best list of songs so far.
I've came across the name hundred times before but never actually listen to them till now. Dang!
Favourite tracks : "Speeding Cars" , "It's Good to be In Love"

Give it a listen! Liyana recommended!

P/S: Tonight is movie night. The Chumscrubber!


salma said...

Hi, x sabar nk tgk gmbo baru ko :D
Oh yeah, btw u listen to Frou Frou/ Imogen heap too? sedap dowh lagu die! especially "Its good to be in love". rase mcm kt alam lain je bile dgr, haha. But i like her frou frou style more than her imogen heap style. waaa, pjgnye aku merepek :P

Liyana said...

haha!! wah cik salma!! sama taste la kita!!

tinggi lima!

frou frou terbaek...

hmm.. gambar lambat sket.. bnyk project...

skank in terengganu ke?

salma said...

Ya, mari tinggi lima!
btw, pernah dgr x "Be Be Your Love" by Rachel Yamagata? sedap wo~
"strange & beautiful" by Aqualung pun aku ske. try la dgr :)

yup skng kt nganu lg...m

annah-logue said...

i love this image! thank you for the lovely lovely comment on my blog (: it's nice to be back blogging!!

and gooood choice with froufrou/imogen heap. if you ever get the chance to see her...TAKE IT!! she's amazing live!