Thursday, May 21, 2009

Night Out

Listening to "Oblivion" by Annetenna

Last Wednesday night, went out for dinner with friends from school. As much as I love staying at home, it's better to spend some time dengan geng lama.

Makan kat Kapitan. Ekha, Wan and Zakirah semua makan tandori. I went for Nasi Kandar. Haha.

Makan, sembang, gelak, flashback, jalan, toilet, gelak lagi, gedik, lepak.

Just for the record, they all agreed I was the most annoying back in the school days. Yes,mengaku.. sedikit annoying.

Enjoy the photos. Let's meet up during the day for another photoshoot.

P/S: Addicted to Nitro Circus. The difference between todays skaterboys and back then is the jeans. Nowadays, skinny jeans and rear dimples are the trends. I think, I prefer baggy pants and peeking boxers.

1 comment:

salma said...

gmba black n white-ish tu besh!
"toilet, gelak lagi, gedik, lepak." ---lawak gilee, hahaha!