Friday, June 19, 2009

Super Techies!

Listening to "Come Back" by Rosie and Me

On Wednesday, marked the day on which I officially owned something super geeky cool. At least according to Fizul and Yusri.

Kicking off with the first week of class, I realized my 7 years old CPU wasn't going to do well with the upcoming design and application stress.

And my mom being the lovely mother that she is, help me financially to get my hand on a new set of CPU. Yay! Terima kasih Mak.

So, I went to Low Yat on Wednesday with KPTM's ex-president, Yusri. Accompanied by Fizul's list of specs, we roamed the place for the best bargain.

Yusri did the talking. I just sat there, smiled and nodded a couple of times.

Terima kasih En. President kerana sanggup mencemar duli dan turun padang pada hari itu.

Anyway, here is a few shots of my new super techie CPU.

P/S: Can't wait to get HOME. One more week.


Fly said...

nice close up shot

Liyana said...

:) thankies