Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Langkawi Part III

Listening to "Darling Won't You Please Come Home" by Math and Physic Club

That evening I decided to roam the area alone. Just to see the people.

And of course ended up going online. Me and the Cyberworld are inseparable. Hahaha.

By 6:45 pm, I was setting up my gear smack center in the sun ray path.

I just sat there and watched the sunset until it disappeared from my view.

That night we had our dinner at Restoren Wan Thai. Wan pandai buka bisnes.

Sampai ke Langkawi.

And the notice, haha. Sumpah lawak.

Then we headed down to Eagle Square.

It's a challenge getting night shots of this remarkable statue.

But I did it anyway.

We reached the chalet by 1 in the morning.

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