Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Langkawi Part V

Listening to "I Won't Be Found" by The Tallest Man On Earth

We stood right at the very top platform for these shots.

The vivid blue sky was just stunning. The view overlooked the sea and mountains.

Took some group shots. Then some individual portraits.

I don't have much of my photo taken since I was the one that was the doing the phototaking.

I will upload mine soon.

We headed back to the jetty to catch our 4:30pm ferry. We reached Penang by 8 pm.

What's next on the travel list? Perhentian. Please please please.

P/S: Pheww.. multiple post.. that was tiring.


CintamaniszLite said... langkawi gak baru2 ni ek??

akak pun kat blog tu...tak abes2 lg citer dan gambar2 ke langkawi, hehe. Langkawi kan best, kiki..

Liyana said...

aah.. tapi pergi bukan time cuti sekolah, sbb ramai orng sgt..

pergi minggu lepas..