Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Team Broga

Listening to "Chasing Pirates" by Norah Jones

This should be the last post on Broga trip.

I know I look ridiculous. I was too tired to even think about my appearance.

Anyway, assignments and projects has start taking over my daily life. Sheesh.

I have blogs to create, design to update, research to be done.

I guess you won't be seeing much update here and over at The Design Crush.

Documentary is one of the project, and I have Cale (Joey's friend) to be my source of inspiration.

Let's just hope everything works out well.

P/S : I want Kuala Pilah!


eD's photography said...

terbaik akak senior...hehehe..hope dpt p sini jugak

Liyana said...

datang ar... tapi stamina kena kuat.. kitaorang pancit bnyk kali sblm sampai atas...