Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Day Out

Listening to "Lust for Life" by Girls

I'm always excited whenever I discovered new bands. Girls is on of them.

The vocalist, Christopher Owens definitely got my attention. Haha.

Click here to read his interview with FAQMag.

Moving on. Meet up with a bunch of friends the other day. Dah lama tak jumpa.

We planned to see the hot air balloon event but we got there late and everything was wrapping up by then.

We hit the Pasar Malam, then dinner at Wan's house. Then swimming demo by the boys.

Finally supper at Mak Teh with Nadia, Adda and Syuk.

Gambar last tu, haha! At least aku letak gambar je, kalau video nahas kot.

P/S: Tiap kali jumpa, bahan-membahan tak pernah lekang.



hahaha...angah, send secara private kat aku video tu pub buleh,

Liyana said...

boleh2!! ahahaha

Baybee Laydee said...

amboi gambar last 2
suke.. suke sgt

Liyana said...

itu sudah mesti..

rase itu la kot gambar terbaek dari gambar yg lain..

sikit pun tak edit.. print screen je.. hahaha

Anonymous said...

woi ....ahak ..angah jgn bg fizul ..bhya ... waaaaaaaa

Liyana said...

hahahha.. biar la... kalu takde ape2.. ape yg nak ditakut kan..