Friday, March 05, 2010

Future Motion

Listening to "Whistle for the Choir (Acoustic)" by The Fratellis

I thought I post something before my trip to Cameron Highland. My first ever.

Strictly for work and not holiday. The group, Future Motion is doing a documentary on Orang Asli.

This is by far the most tedious work I've ever encountered. The preparation alone is endless.

Anyway,this will be my first time shooting a video outdoor and I'm talking the real deal.

Rob Chiu's standard is the aim, with a twist of StillMotion heartfelt storyline.


It will be a 5 days rough journey and with the strong team members that the group has, I hope we can do it.

Terima kasih Mak, Abah, Along.

P/S: Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku, mesrakan diriku bagi memudahkan setiap yang sukar.
Sesungguhnya, memudahkan setiap yang sukar itu bagi Mu adalah mudah.
Ku pohon pada Mu kemudahan dan limpah kebaikan didunia dan akhirat.

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