Thursday, October 21, 2010

BBQ Night

Listening "Die Alone" by Ingrid Michaelson

As promised, more photos taken before BBQ Night during the fasting month.

We went to Yusri's sister's house. It was huge, with big lawn and tall trees, and a real life farmville in the backyard. Complete with roosters, hens and a goose.

Rindu nak mengedik tangkap gambar macam dulu. Yang gedik tetap gedik. Yang sengal tak kurang sengalnya.

The BBQ started around 6 pm. We set up while others prepared the food.

I was busy stuffing myself with food that I only took few photos during the BBQ.

After dinner we invaded the playground.

My night was cut short as I was tied up with work, so I left early while others enjoy the rest of the night.

P/S: First week and already cutting classes? Apa nak jadi ni...


nadOFlurry said...

suka tgk pic2 ini ..

Liyana said...

suke tgnk nadia and milo.... hahaha!