Sunday, October 10, 2010

Belum Trip II

Listening to "The Medley" taken from Mujhse Dosti Karoge

The next day was all about work. The first village we visited was Kampung Air Banun. Populated by the Jahai. The red soil trail lead us into the village where I saw kids running around and bamboo huts circling the area.

Having JL as my muse, I adapted his approach on photographing a subject which is getting to know them before taking their portraits.

Having time limit and trust issues from the Jahai people, it was very hard for me to document this, but I tried anyway. I talked to them and ask for their name. Lucky enough some even told me a little bit of their life story and the village tale.

With the help of sweets and tobacco as the offering I was making conversation with the villagers. I even made Ina, the wife of the Tok Batin laughed as we joke around.

I thought Kabu, the woman with a baby strap to her body has a very sweet feature. She told me that she had 5 kids and she's only 24 years old. Very productive for a Jahai woman.

We left Kampung Air Banun after gathering all the data needed.

P/S: Read the latest post on JL's adventure. Super proud of him.


muaz shukor said...

hey hey
all those pics were edited ?

Liyana said...

yes, i did the post processing on all of my photos... :)