Friday, January 21, 2011

Litlle India

Listening to "Sentimental Heart" by She & Him

After the recording session that took 4 hours to finish, we went home and rested.

We headed for Little India the night after that.

Along had some free time and promised to drive us around.

Josie was gleaming and smiling up to her ears once we reached Little India.

Living up to its name, Little India was colorful.

Josie bought us some bangle and we all wore it proudly despite the glitter,scratches and broken pieces.

We stopped by Gurney plaza for a bit before stopping for our midnight snack, ais kacang.

Thank you Along for being chauffeur for a day.

Btw, Happy Birthday Mak cik!

P/S: My head dips every time I saw Tommy. Aww...


ed shahir said...

cantiknya gambar-gambar nie. superb :)

Liyana said...

terima kasih.... datang ar penang.. boleh explore little india

Aimanness said...

ye ah ajak si Ed je gi Penang. ahahaahha.

Liyana said...

babis ko aiman! hahahhaha...

Hello, before semua ni ko ngan aku kot redah Little India dulu...

Yg ko rembat bulu merak tu pe? Sengal!