Friday, July 22, 2011

Work vs Play

Listening to "Magnetic Forces" by Castledoor

Internship for the semester really made me realize how life's going to be like after graduation.

Still need some adjustment but I'm praying that I can manage through.

The photos were taken during my recent visit to Cyberjaya.

For two days, we ate, slept when the sun came up, drove all night and sang our heart out.


And yes, the image of me singing can be too graphic for some of you.

So considering the amount of terror that picture can cause, I decided to do some censoring. Haha.

P/S: Maaf lambat upload. Banyak kerja. Tak sabar nak balik Cyber


NorHayimah said...

ye ye sbr jgk nk jmpa ..

Liyana said...

ye ye!! tak sabar nadia nak belanja... kan? maksu kena la belanja... hahhaha